Is Sober verified? Will it be verified?

Sober is not verified as an ASA but is going through the process to become verified. All requested personal information about the creator and project is being shared with AlgoExplorer, Algorand Inc, and the Algorand Foundation. We cannot anticipate when verification would occur or if Sober will be given verified status. Verification by AlgoExplorer only indicates who created the ASA and is not an endorsement of the project. Verification by Algorand Inc is more based on legitimacy of the project.

Who is the creator of Sober?

Hello, my name is Brad and I’m an alcoholic. My sobriety date is January 21, 2015. I’m active in the Algorand community and DeFi ecosystem. I’m the founder of Sober. If you would like more info about me to verify this isn’t a scam or rug pull, reach out to me directly.

Is there only one person in charge?

No one is really in charge and we are making decisions as a group after significant discussion. However, only one person currently holds the keys to the multisig wallet and other Sober wallets. It is not acceptable long-term to only have one person in a position of authority. We are seeking individuals to assist in the administration of Sober. The best way to get involved is to join the Discord ( and be active.

What About the Unminted Supply?

It is by design that 60% of Sober is not initially minted. It is not in circulation. The vision is for people to earn Sober long term by staying sober and the Earning Sober program is the intended use for the unminted funds. The Total Supply equates to approximately 2.1 Million years of sobriety. There is not a need for that in the Sober marketplace right now. It would make pricing volatile, liquidity difficult, and provide opportunities for a small number of people to gain influence over the market. The view is that trickling Sober out over time, much like Algorand staking rewards have worked, will be best overall.

Of course there is risk to this if the Total Supply were moved into circulation. We hope to build a trustworthy team and technology foundation to alleviate those concerns. If this is alarming to you we strongly recommend not acquiring Sober until you are comfortable with the direction of the project. We highly recommend getting involved in the community first, regardless of whether you hold any Sober or not.

Is participation limited to AA members?

No. It is suggested that only those with a desire to be sober participate in Sober but there is no ability to control or manage that.

May I acquire Sober if I’m not sober myself?

Yes, you may. It is recommended that you do so to support someone else with a recognition of their time in recovery. Please keep in mind that many groups decline outside contributions.

How can I trust that Sober is not a scam or rug pull?

Nothing we say can guarantee this. We encourage joining the community first and only acquiring Sober when you are comfortable. We know there are a lot of low-quality projects out there and aim to not be one of them. Please, DYOR. The founder is available for discussion on video chat, phone, or through Discord for people interested in being part of our early adopter programs. We hope to show we have nothing to hide.

What’s in it for the Founder?

My primary aim is to promote sobriety for those who want it and provide utility for the supporting organizations that need it. I have no expectation of significant financial gain from this project. My desire is to give back to something that saved my life. I’ve made my best effort with good intentions to create a fair setup and will continue to do so.

This has taken far more time than I initially anticipated, but it’s been a lot of fun and a lot of learning. There are two rounds of Sober allocated to me. The first has already been transferred to my wallet. It equates to 1% of the total supply. This amount cannot be moved until after 7/1/2022. The second allocation is 5% of the total supply that cannot be moved until 1/1/2023.

Is Sober a group of Alcoholics Anonymous?

No. But it does host an A.A. Group called the TBD Group, which is a separate entity.

Where are TBD Group meetings held?

The initial location of the TBD Group is in the Sober Discord ( and is the form of a 24/7 Open Discussion meeting. TBD Group may change this at any time.

Does Sober violate any of the AA Traditions?

Sober is not affiliated with A.A. in any capacity and maintains its separation to prevent going against any of the Traditions. Its relationship to A.A. is most similar to that of a Club. It is desirable for TBD Group to adhere to the Traditions of A.A. but that is entirely up to the group.