Sober is proud to announce it's presale offering to give early adopters the chance to support Sober.

The First 100 - Sober PreSale

Why is our early backer program called the First 100?  "Alcoholics Anonymous, also known as the “Big Book,” presents the A.A. program for recovery from alcoholism. First published in 1939, its purpose was to show other alcoholics how the first 100 people of A.A. got sober. Now translated into over 70 languages, it is still considered A.A.’s basic text."

There's been much debate about how many people were actually in the first 100, but it's likely that it was pretty far off that number.  Members of the presale for Sober will be called the First 100, but just like AA we have no idea how many there will actually be.  First 100 members will enjoy a special role/title on the Discord server for being an original backer.

Sober is not currently verified by AlgoExplorer or Algorand Inc.  We make no guarantees about the value of Sober.  The Algos from this presale will be used to create the liquidity pool for Sober.  The more we distribute through this program, the more volume the liquidity pool will be able to handle after launch.  First 100 backers are also eligible for a special staking program.  Maintain your balance of Sober from this program through May 1, 2022, fill out a form that will be available at that time, and receive 50% staking rewards in Sober on your First 100 amount.

The First 100 is limited to amounts from 20 to 500 Algos.  We have to process the program manually so we need a minimum transaction size to make it worth it.  On the other end we don't want to create any large holders of Sober so we are limiting the program to 500 Algos.  The LP (liquidity pool) will launch on Tinyman with an initial price of 3,121 Sober per Algo (or 1 Sober = 0.000320 Algo).  The First 100 rate is 6,242 Sober per Algo.  

Concerned about the validity of the project or being a scam/rug pull?  Contact Brad on the Discord channel.  He's happy to get on a video or audio call.  The transaction can even be completed while on the call if time allows.  You can verify the transactions for the First 100 by looking for transfers of Algo into our Programs wallet, FOXJO32GFDNNSN3PDWWQNH6HDAZY5ZZ4FYPU3NDQIWUN3LLUQ7ZABC74UU, and verifying Sober are being sent back to the same address.

First 100 is available until the end of January 16, 2022, EST.  Sober will be sent by the end of January 17.  We will do our best to process transactions as soon as possible.  The program may be stopped at any time and for any reason, such as fulfilling our needs for liquidity.

Reasons to Join the First 100

  • Half price of initial LP pricing
  • Support Sober by providing initial liquidity indirectly
  • Access to First 100 staking program - get 50% more Sober by holding until May 1
  • Sweet role on Discord - you'll forever be known as a First 100
  • Join a great community, support a great cause, and have some fun

Steps to Become a First 100

  1. Opt in to Sober (ASA ID: 514670697)
  2. Fill out the form linked at the button below
  3. Send your declared amount of Algos to FOXJO32GFDNNSN3PDWWQNH6HDAZY5ZZ4FYPU3NDQIWUN3LLUQ7ZABC74UU
  4. Sober will be sent to you by the end of January 17th at a rate of 6,242 Sober per Algo.  We will attempt to process them as quickly as possible.

Join the First 100