Round 1 of the First 100 concluded and was a great success.  Big thanks to all who participated and will help Sober get off the ground once exchanges are available on the Algorand network again.  Here are some highlight of round 1:

  • 39 participants
  • 2,819.01 Algos raised (avg 72.3 Algos/participant)
  • 17,596,260 Sober distributed
  • 5.63% of circulating supply distributed
  • 2.82% liquidity will be added to the LP initially at launch (at twice the valuation of the presale price)
  • All participants are eligible for 50% staking rewards for maintaining at least their round 1 balance until 5/1.

Sober will launch publicly on exchanges when Tinyman is back up.  The initial pricing for the liquidity pool will be set to give the circulating supply a market cap of 100,000 Algos.  

Until a DEX is available a second round of presale is available.  Details on round 2 can be found here: Round 2