More info on our donations program will be coming soon.  But for now, here's a little background info on the need for us to donate to recovery groups:

This applies to all general service organizations for recovery groups, but A.A.’s G.S.O. is a great example.  G.S.O. performs all the tasks necessary to promote sobriety and needs help now more than ever.  In the most recent report G.S.O.’s Reserve Fund is at 8.41 months of expenses (, which is lower than any pre-Covid time reported going back to 2006.  A $4,000,000 drawdown on the Reserve Fund was required in 2020, which was approximately ¼ of the fund.  The reserve fell as low as 7.9 months, from a high of 11.9 months in 2011 (

Even before Covid, donations were declining.  Literature sales have fallen as people use digital literature more often and people have less cash on hand at meetings to put in the basket.  It’s important to raise awareness of the need to give to central service organizations to support our primary purpose of helping the afflicted who still suffer.  

By combining the interest in crypto many of us have with the importance of recovery, we can have a way to give generously to our groups. Should the value of Sober rise, so does the value of our donations.  Acquiring Sober to keep in our own wallets to denote our own sobriety, along with purchasing Sober to give to others to recognize their anniversaries, should help the value of Sober rise, which will increase the value of our donations.

Sober will work with charitable organizations to maintain a verified list of charities that can receive Sober.  We will work with those organizations to set up, manage, and off-ramp funds from their donations.